Collective artwork ‘De Nieuwe Tempel’ in Simpelveld

In January and February, you can take part in a unique concept at Museum de Schat van Simpelveld. Artist collective De Nieuwe Creatieven is bringing ‘De Nieuwe Tempel’ (The New Temple) to Simpelveld under the direction of Ellis Schoonhoven. This collaborative art project consists of an enormous temple made of textiles. Taking the shape of a Celtic cross, the temple is 10.6 metres long and 10.6 metres wide. The proportions are based on the golden section.

The work will be created sustainably and with respect for nature. Old collected sheets are given authentic earthy brown tones through eco-dyeing with local coffee residues. In addition, rags of lace and damask with embroidered symbolism are processed in gold colour. And the best part is: everyone is invited to participate in the project.

Would you like to embroider along?
The embroidery boxes are for sale in the museum shop of Museum de Schat van Simpelveld, among other places. In January and February, the museum’s chapel will temporarily transform into a real artist’s studio. De Nieuwe Creatieven will continue their work here and the public is cordially invited to participate.

For more information about this project, visit the website

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