Christmas concert 19 December

On Sunday 19 December, museum visitors will be treated to a duo concert of organ and cello in the former monastery chapel. The concert starts at 3 p.m. and is free for visitors with a valid ticket to the museum. Due to the current corona measures, you will be allocated a seat at the start of the concert. The number of places is limited, that’s why we only work with a mandatory reservation system for this day. Book in time to ensure yourself of a place. Reservations can be made by telephone or e-mail.

Organ player
Angelo Scholly (born 1974) studied church music at the St. Gregoriushaus church music school in Aachen. His teachers were Joachim Neugart (choir director), Berthold Botzet (organ literature) and Norbert Richtsteig (organ improvisation). He graduated with the B exam.

Since 1996 he has worked as a church musician at St. Martinus in Aachen-Richterich. In 1999 St. Heinrich, Aachen-Horbach was added as a further place of work, and since 2005 he has also been the choirmaster at St. Sebastian, Aachen-Hörn. He headed the Aachen diocese choir from 2007 to 2020. Angelo Scholly received further lessons for organ literature and improvisation from retired cathedral organist Norbert Richtsteig. Regular activities as an organist in Aachen Cathedral and as a singer and organist in the Capella Quirina Neuss and the Münsterchor Neuss complement the musical work. Two children’s musicals were composed and performed in 2016 (The Life of Saint Martin) and 2018 (Clara’s dream for the beatification of Clara Fey).

Cello player
Flóra Blahunka, born in Keszthely (Hungary) in 1999, received her first cello lessons at the age of 6. In 2013 she won the entrance examination for the Leo Weiner Music High School in Budapest, which was awarded the “Prima Primissima Prize” and where her cello teacher was Krisztina Kemény. In 2017 she began her studies with György Déri and István Varga at the Franz Liszt Academy for Music in Budapest. Flóra Blahunka has won several national and international cello competitions. Her artistic activities took her to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and China. Chamber music plays an important role in Flóra’s musical activity. She is co-founder and prelude to the string orchestra “Pelsonore”. Since October 2021 she has been studying with Prof. Hans-Christian Schweiker at the University of Music and Dance Aachen as a scholarship holder of the Erasmus program.

Flora Blahunka